Ewa Michalak Self Supporting Garters Perla
Ewa Michalak Self Supporting Garters Perla

Ewa Michalak Self Supporting Garters Perla

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If merelythe thought of wearing a sundress makes you anxious, brings back the memories of chafs and pain of the insides of your thighs, if you simply can't go out without special briefs, leggins or tights these are the perfect garters for you.
Made of elastic lace with a silicone stay-up band, isolating the thighs and preventing chafs.
As they are made of lace they do not add up the heat, they resemble stockings, they are discreet and sexy without giving away the real purpose they serve.
And even when treacherous wind blows your dress up, an accidental witness will see only coquettish, lacey garters not connecting them with anti-chafing thigh pads ;)

How to measure?
Measure your thigh in its widest part, while standing.
Make sure the tape is not too tight nor too loose and it is parrallel to the floor.
If you fall in between sizes opt for the smaller one.

Contains silicone, can cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin.
This item may bobble a little.
Store folded so that silicone bands touch each other.
Wash after every use, otherwise silicone might loose its gripping properties.
Hand wash only.
Do not use softeners.
Use delicate laundry detergent.

Ewa Michalak Self Supporting Garters Perla