About me

My name is Jaimie.  I am a passionate individual.  I am a wife, a mother and a friend.  Balancing these roles can be challenging at times, but it is what makes my world spin.

As an individual, I have always been very passionate about pretty and supportive lingerie.  I continually see what a huge transformation a proper fitting bra can give someone.  It can make someone look 10 - 15 pounds lighter.  It can even relieve back and neck pain.  But what I love most, is that it can make you feel more confident.  Shoving breasts into an ill fitting bra can have a horrible effect on our self confidence, just as wearing ill fitting jeans affects us.  Many begin to think something is wrong with themselves, when, in fact, something is wrong with the bra.  Hearing stories about ones that, after wearing the correct size bra, learn to love and accept themselves again has brought me to tears many times.  This is the main drive in my work.  The most rewarding part is teaching people to love themselves.  Be proud of who you are.  You are beautiful!  Wear your body proud.

As a wife, bras are fun.  I love that so many sexy bras are available in such a large range of sizes (and of course the matching panties as well).

As a mother, I need proper support.  Keeping up with my three boys keeps me running.  I need a bra that doesn't need to be readjusted, holds me firm, and is comfortable.

As a friend, I am a "bravangelist".  I am always ready to help my friends find the best fit and styles for them, so they feel and look their best.  Let's just say, on our girl's nights out, we certainly all stand tall and proud.

As you can see I am very passionate about bras.  I love helping people get a proper fit.  That is why I started this company.  After trying hundreds of bras I discovered some amazing brands that I couldn't live without.  I thought "these bras need to be more readily available!"  So... here they are.  Readily available for you.  Allow me to assist you in finding what works best for you.  Join me on this journey and you will soon be "Bra Obsessed" like myself.